Wire EDM KD400ZL

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Description: KD400ZL is latest product that designed and produced by KINGRED, it’s most advanced machine ever made in the filed of molybdenum wire EDM in China


KD400ZL is featured in below: 1. Integrated sheet metal(invention patent), nice appearance and space saving, easy to operate. Optimized electrical wiring system to reduce malfunction ratio; 2 patented wire feed structure, wire drum is fixed with separated wire drum motor, and this design solved the problem of vibration due to motion of wire drum, to make cutting more smoothly, then get better surface finish and accuracy;3.vertical structure of taper, we adopt vertical structure of angle cutting system(invention patent) with high precise linear guideway and ball screw; 4. We adopt linear motor for ZL series, Linear shaft motor uses magnetic principle, the stator drive rotor to move, but there is no physical contact between. The benefit of linear shaft motor: It eliminates ball screw drives, no ball screw of the machine with linear shaft motor, as you know, there will be wear of ball screw after years of use. Besides, there is also problem of gap when screw change direction, so accuracy of ball screw machine will get worse after years of use. Better positioning accuracy and long term accuracy keeping.


Wire EDM KD500GL

Status: Available in stock

Description: Early in 2013, Kingred launched new designed EDM Wire Cut KD500GL, thanks to new design of taper cutting system-unique design of U,V axes carriages with excellent rigidity make KD500GL different from others in the market. For old type machines, customer needs to remove molybdenum wire when he wants to adjust height of Z axis, but for KD500GL, customer doesn’t have to, just simply push buttons to move Z axis upward and downward, much convenient for operator and save a lot of time to thread the wire again. All X,Y,U,V axes Taiwan made linear guideway , and X,Y axes are equipped with servo motor. All these design lead to leading performance in getting good surface finish of cut parts.


EDM wire cut KD500GL has X,Y axes travel 400×500mm, it could cut all kind of conductive material such as steel, alloy, copper, titanium alloy and etc. Kingred’s GL series wire EDMs are equipped with hand control box to control movement of X,Y,U,V axes. Swift feed of X, Y axes with servo motors, stable cutting accuracy in all time. “T” shape machine bed with 6 support points to make sure rigidity of whole machine; Cross design X,Y axes carriages always move within range of “T” machine, and won’t exceed range of machine bed to its end, this design can get rid of gravity of X, Y carriages when they move to ends; “C” structure column design, machine head is installed in vertical direction, different from old “F” structure wire cut EDM, wire frame is in horizontal direction, there will be problem of swing of wire frame during wire feeding, on the contrary, for “C” structure, wire frame is in vertical direction, no problem of wire swing during wire feeding. All these different designs of KD500GL make it unique in the market of molybdenum wire cut EDM and performance is leading in the industry.


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